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Lavina Punjabi
Lavina Punjabi

The journey with SnehaJi has been a transformational one for me... from a zone of clueless, emotionally zoned out phase to being mentally and emotionally stronger Me, clarity in thinking and absolutely accepting the situations around me. Honestly these words don't do justice to my transformation. One has to go through and feel it with SnehaJi. Immense gratitude for all your guidance and healing.


Mental health is a issue and is common issue which not everyone is open to speak about but if not said it leads to decrease in self esteem, thoughts of suicide and every other way to desrtroy ourselves mentally and physically, yes life is never easy and we werent told.

It's the challenges that are going to be throughout, but this is not a big problem the big problem is that we feel it is only us who are going through this but after meeting Snehaharish I was made understand that this totally normal and we aren't some special people or rather mentally challenged beings. Yes faith and belief are important factors beyond this sometimes we need us to show the white light.

A big Thank you Snehaharish for being that person who I could speak to so openly and share every feeling thought. And to others the moment you feel depressed low etc ask yourselves one question why am I mentally drained and when you don't have the answer contact SnehaHarish Her healing power and techniques would work wonders just like I experienced.


Sneha has really been a great friend and a mentor. She always advised the right things for me. Very open minded person and very approachable. She introduced Mahalakshmi Diksha to me and my husband. The positivity and energy from the goddess has been tremendous. My house is filled with positive energy. I feel the closeness to goddess. My husband has gained a lot of self confidence and he dedicatedly pray every day. I shifted to my new apartment back in November, things were half done at home. Sneha came to our house and gave the diksha on a Friday and next day at incomplete work got completed and my house was looking beautiful.

In terms of finance my experience till date is that goddess helps us and never leaves us feeling empty. She is there all the time. My husband suffers from some psychological disturbances and hence was never able to stay alone, ever since I started this pooja my husband has become brave and to my surprise when I left him alone for 4 days he managed himself very well.

I really want to thanks Sneha Harish from the bottom of my heart for being there for me as a guru, friend and mentor I pray mother mahalakshmi to bless Sneha and family and be with them throughout. Thank you lovely Sneha stay blessed abundantly.


It’s with great devotion that Ms. Sneha Harish, my diksha guru came to our house on that fantastic Friday evening to perform Sri Mahalakshmi Pooja. We completed the Pooja very successfully and afterwards we could feel the positive energy in our house. Each day the positive energy was becoming more and more vibrant. This results in a very calm and peaceful atmosphere everyday. Whoever performs this Pooja will truly benefit from the blessings of Goddess Mahalakshmi and be more successful in all ventures in life. I thank my Diksha guru for providing me to enjoy such a blissful experience.

Dr. Malathi Iyer
Dr. Malathi Iyer


Sneha I have to thank you for taking me through the path of Siddha Immune booster program.You have made me reenergise myself  and feel calm and relaxed , with the gift of Siddha solutions .

Sneha explained how Immunity is the key to good health, robustness and work expertise. Strong immunity is an outcome of healthier digestion, and a balance in three doshas (Vata,Pitta, and Kapha.). Immunity is related to Ojas which means vigour in Sanskrit.There are a whole lot of holistic formulations in the siddha way  that can cleanse the toxins, provide nourishment, lubricate and reinstate the balance. This process bolsters immunity and shields the body against infection

Sneha being with you for 3 hours following social distancing has made such a wonderful connect and made me feel light and you have today taught me  Inhale- our mind, emotions and the entire inner body gets in this experience and when we exhale, we surrender our will to the lord.

I started the course truly believing that I was doing it to deepen my own practice. Sneha my child as the course progressed, my confidence grew and I realized, there has been a transformation and  It has  set me on a new, healthier and happy path in life. It's one of the best moves I've ever made.

Thank you.

Sudha Subramanian
Sudha Subramanian

Sneha Harish - My dearmost Sister . I can't recall where our Journey began.  But thanks  to  Almighty . 

Till last year August 2019 I did not realise  other side of her . After I had an accident with my leg I experienced other side of her through her siddha way of treating  ailments.  Siddha  medicine is a traditional system of healing and it originated in South india.

Sneha today through Siddha Immune booster programme  I got energised  and I have explored another world .

Siddha system is kayakatpam ie imparting immunity and counteracting the aging process. 

Basically we are from Tamil Nadu and we know about the siddhars and how they indirectly received knowledge from Deity Shiva.

Sneha when she started the programme today with us though she knows everything  about us she explained everything in detail  step by step. First she started explaining  about the siddhars, her learning curve with her Master  Pranaji, Detail Description about her Master Pranaji,what is Spirtualism, What did Shankaracharya say about spiritualism. 

After a brief introduction we started the programme. 

When the programme started she explained about immune system and how this programme is going to change our lives.  

This programme involves 4 steps and it takes 3 hours . She took us into the programme like a baby learning how to crawl. The experience was like that.  

Health is wealth and today she has gifted us health  through this programme.  She is just a key which was sent to us by the Almighty and her Guru Pranaji

This process was done through zoom but it was a wonderful experience.  I would strongly recommend this programme  for all in this world .

God bless her. 

Subbu Gopalakrishnan
Subbu Gopalakrishnan

Hari Om

Sri Gurubhyo Namah

The below note is not a testimonial nor a ln elaborate feedback about the “Ojhas Kripa” which you diligently explained and made us experience yesterday. The below are some thoughts from a seeker of Vedanta in his early stage.

Religion is a happy and intelligent blending of philosophy and ritualism. It teaches us the focussing our attention on the spiritual core, which is our true nature which is essential divine. 

The religious rites or Kriyas such asOjhas  (when properly understood and performed) plays an important role in mental integration and self purification to help facilitate the goal of religion which is the merger of the little Self (Ego) with the Real Self (Atman).

In Sanatana Dharma four paths also known as yogas  (Bhakti, Jnana, Karma and Hatha) are prescribed to reach the ultimate goal with guidance of a Guru. Yoga means the joining of the ego the supreme self.

The techniques are different, the goal reached by all these paths are one and the same to accommodate the different developments and types of individual.

The above was the key message or takeaway for me when the teacher Sneha ji first invoked our Guru Parampara and explained about her Guru Maha Prana ji who has developed this based on the philosophy/techniques outlined by the Siddhars based on their experience. 

The principles behind the "Ojhas Kripa" which is not a simple immunity boosting routine as we go through the difficult times now.

How one individual experience this Kriya and the benefits for his self development depends on the Faith one has on our glorious Guru Parampara and constant practice of the various steps of Kriya as diligently demonstrated by Sneha ji during the session.

The Kriya procedures itself touches on different aspects of the three component of Body, Mind and Intellect the three matter layers we are made up and concludes with the gratitude to the “cosmic” energy.

Let the seekers take benefit of this wonderful practice to achieve the Goal of our Life.

Pranams and Salutations to our Guru Parampara 

Lakshmi Aravind
Lakshmi Aravind

There is a lot of implicit trust that goes into choosing a professional astrologer to consult after all, one is planning one's life ahead based on an evaluation of abstracts such as one's birth stars and the changing influences of the cosmic energy. As someone from a family that has deep engagements with the spiritual side of the Hindu religion, from my childhood, I have been to various astrologers with my parents, on my own, referred by friends etc. 

However, Sneha turned out to be a integral part of my family since last October when I was introduced to her by my friend Malani and is the one that I have experienced the utmost inner peace with.

There is no such thing as a good or a bad astrologer. Every one of them has learnt the basics of how to interpret, however, the interpretation itself is often god gifted and Sneha's ability to read, associate connects between contesting planetary influences and sometimes her deep sense of intuition is amazing and often I have been awed when she states points to illustrate her predictions without know anything about your past life and it almost seems like she has been around with you, at close quarters, at various phases of your life milestones. It should be a divine legacy she carries or Is it just Goddess Saraswati taking over her communication? Well, its all of that but as much of the world says, there is also a science to it, that comes from the years she has spent on poring over every possible aspect of this huge body of knowledge called Astrology.

Sneha  states honestly, transparently but with a kind disposition.. What I especially love is her ability to explain in a simple to understand format. For every prediction she makes, there is a parallel explanation it causes that!

While speaking with her, one is not speaking with a professional astrologer, one gets the feel of being with a kind, generous well wisher of yours ! And that to me is what I look for...

I whole heartedly recommend Sneha to be the family astrologer of anyone seeking to understand one self and the occurrences in their life.

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