Lama Fera


What is Lama Fera healing technique?

Lama Fera is an extraordinarily strong & swift healing technique. Lama Fera has been utilized by Himalayan Buddhist monks since hundreds of years. This technique is holistic in nature and imparts healing across one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms. By cleansing the life energy flow of a human being, Lama Fera technique is effectively relieves stress and promotes overall wellness. Many Lama Fera reviews vouch for the impactful healing that this technique provides its receivers. 

The Lama Fera healing method is based on a strong belief in the presence of a unique energy in every human being.  This all-pervading life-force energy circulates invisibly through each human being and is the corner stone of life itself. Whenever there is a disturbance in the flow of this all-pervading life force within any individual, it manifests in the form of sickness, stress and other abnormalities. On the other hand when the life force (referred to as spirit, vital force, brio in Spanish, joie de vivre in French, vital principle, vitality, élan vital, Qi or Chi in Chinese, Gi in Korean, Ki in Japanese or Prana in Sanskrit) flows abundantly and smoothly through a human being it results in good health and happiness. Therefore the flow of this life energy is paramount to the health and well-being of every human being. 

What is the origin of Lama Fera?

Essentially Lama Fera is the combination of two words. The first word ‘Lama’ means an awakened or enlightened Guru and "Fera" denotes the method of healing.

There is also a belief that Lama Fera was also used by the Buddhist monks as a healing technique dating back to almost 620 B.C. A qualified Lama Fera practitioner literally calls upon the Sadguru or Lord Buddha to help in the healing process. 

What are the major advantages of Lama Fera?

The Lama Fera healing system assists in the growth of spiritual abilities, makes meditation more powerful & effective, alleviates pain & aches created through chronic illnesses, pulls out unwelcome spirits, helps conquer negative emotions like fear, anxiety, stress and low confidence. It also aids in memory improvement, better visualization, and most importantly it helps a human being reestablish relationship with the Higher Self.

How does Lama Fera healing actually work?

Lama Fera technique is performed by a professional Lama Fera practitioner with the help of 16 symbols. These unique symbols of Lama Fera vibrate with tremendous energy to overpower any amount of negative energy. Being different from other ancient, alternative & modern healing therapies, Lama Fera works to overcome the negative energy and health related obstacles in a human being. Simultaneously it also increases awareness, amplifies knowledge and induces enlightenment in a human being through the power of the Enlightened Guru or Lord Buddha. 

Lama Fera healing online happens as the therapist transmits the life force energy to the person in need of healing. 

A professional Lama Fera therapist working in person or online can simply sense the vibrations and energy quotients of the one being healed and apply the necessary energy accordingly.

A Lama Fera healing session can help you overcome almost all hurdles in life including those of health, wealth, relationships, business or anything else.

Another important aspect of Lama Fera healing is that there are no physical problems or unpleasant reactions. By stimulating the myriad chemical processes of a human body including the muscles, bones and treating the organic process disorders, Lama Fera nurtures good health by instilling strength and vitality.

How many levels does Lama Fera Healing consist of?

Lama Fera Healing comprises of only two levels: 

a. The first level is the Master Healer level – As a Master Lama Fera healer you can heal yourself as well as others in actual proximity or even from a distance (Lama Fera online healing). You can also impart Lama Fera on Vaastu (home or office). As a Master Lama Fera healer you receive eight symbols.
b. The second level is the Teacher healer level – As a Lama Fera teacher healer you can do everything that a Lama Fera Master healer does and also you can teach (provide Diksha) to others. You receive an additional eight symbols to enable you to do so.

What are the benefits of Lama Fera healing?

There are all kinds of benefits that you receive through Lama Fera healing online or otherwise. A few of them are listed below: 

a. Release from stress, depression.
b. Discover happiness.
c. Conquer anxiety and fear.
d. Overcome negative energy.
e. Increase memory and concentration 
f. Discover true meditation
g. Discover confidence & happiness
h. Boost your will power.
i. Provides relief to even terminally ill patients.
j. Overcome past life issues and related problems.
k. Overcome business, property, health & other problems in life.
l. Improve body processes and stop digestive disorders
m. Receive strength and energy.
n. Promote healing from the root.
o. Become active, energetic, vibrant and positive.

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