How can Vedic Astrology help me?

  • 30th Apr 2020
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Jyotish is a Sanskrit word. ‘Jyoti’ means light and ‘Jyotish’ essentially means the science of light or the understanding of light.  The system of Vedic Astrology actually helps dispel darkness around a lot of mysteries of life by throwing the science of light on everything. By applying the ancient traditions and thousands of years of study of planets, their movements and their effect on human life, a Vedic Astrologer helps understand and predict the obstacles in a person’s life among many other things.

Advantages of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)

As discussed, Jyotish or Hindu Astrology or Vedic Astrology is a proven traditional scientific system that helps in aligning our lives with existence itself.

A Jyotishi or an Astrologer uses the wise, calculative and accurate system of Vedic astrology that have been developed, nurtured and passed down through generations in India.

By understanding your date of birth, time of birth, place of birth and the planetary positions during that time, an authentic astrologer can give you paramount pointers to help you better understand your own life.

The cosmos, the entire existence, the Sun, Moon, planets and all other elements of nature are intrinsically related to each and every life on earth. By understanding the cosmic forces, a Vedic astrologer can help us navigate our own life and that of our loved ones’ more efficiently.

The Vedic astrology services include a complete study of our past, our karmas and suggest ways to overcome challenges in our lives. By predicting the major and minor events of our lives, Jyotish Vidya (the science of astrology) assists us to understand and assess the various phases so that we can be better prepared to overcome difficulties as well as to encash opportunities.  

Vedic Astrology also empowers us to make the right choices in our lives to help us realize our immense potential and impact our destiny positively. Of course with the bright light of Jyotish by your side you can clearly see the steps that you need to implement in your life so that you can achieve all the success, joy and peace that you truly deserve.


How does a Vedic Astrology reading work?

A Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) reading helps one to understand his or her life both practically as well as spiritually. This holistic approach of Vedic Astrology helps one to achieve the perfect balance while in this earthly life.

Not only does Jyotish allow a person to know his or her own self more intricately but it also allows a person to introspect and take corrective measures. By providing a clear analysis of your powers and flaws, a Jyotish reading through a well-trained Vedic Astrologer helps you pick the right way for your life so that you and your family can have a fruitful existence.

During tough times or even when the sailing is smooth, you can surely benefit from the use of Vedic Astrology.

Many of the clients who approach the Astrology services in Dubai that Kadambari Solutions provides are going through a lot of stress at that particular point in time in their lives. It is almost a desperate situation for them where they want Vedic astrology to rescue them as fast as possible. By understanding all the facts about the client and arranging all these as per the Jyotish science, much clarity and direction is provided to the client. The best way to make use of the rich and powerful science of Vedic Astrology is to align with its basic principles and be in touch with a learned Vedic Astrologer regularly to avail guidance that can provide you with direction & energy at all times.

Vedic Astrology – relationships, careers, health & life

Human life is a maze of relationships. We are social beings and majority of our lives is literally driven by our relationships. These could be close knit relationships like those of parents, spouse, siblings, children, close relatives and friends. Yet other relationships could be our social relationships, with the society in general, business relationships, bosses, clients, employees, colleagues, competitors and so on. Vedic Astrology can help you understand a lot of intricacies about many of your relationships, the reasons for strain in them, ways to maintain them and even remedies to struggling ones. Astrology will give you a perspective into the core aspects of your relationships with the ones that matter bringing a lot of clarity and thereby peace in your life. Vedic Astrology also helps gauge affinity between spouses or other family members. This is done with the help of all information regarding the birth time, place of all the concerned. The Vedic Astrology relationship compatibility readings help a person grasp a lot of concepts, shortcomings, reasons which were otherwise cloaked in a frustrating cloak of mystery. This despondency is turned into empathy and a deep rooted understanding of self as well as others in a given relationship. These Vedic astrology readings thus help iron out negativity in a relationship through understanding and forge greater relationships filled with awareness and harmony.

Any human life with well-maintained and cordial relationships is the mantra for a peaceful life indeed.

Similarly Vedic Astrology can help you in your career, business, health and also life in general. You can enhance the quality of your life with the help of a true practitioner of Jyotish or Vedic Astrology.

By preempting the possible lows and highs of your life in terms of health it can help you take preventive health measures so that a small ailment does not blow into something bigger and more harmful. In the same way any hint of possible changes in your career or business could help you take corrective action at the right time and avoid major shocks or losses. Be it on any front including relationships, careers, health or life in general; Vedic Astrology can become a guiding light to your journey in life. It is however, critical to seek the help of an authentic and professional Vedic Astrologer online or otherwise.

Vedic Astrology – easing life’s journey

The unique power of Vedic Astrology to anticipate as well as provide remedies has proven to be of immense help to human kind since time immemorial. Vedic Astrology expands our understanding and helps us identify with our true selves. It helps us re-establish our relationship with existence and all that is part of the vast universe. Automatically you are able to attain a higher sense, a broader vision of life and an intuition that becomes your friend and guide.

At Kadambari Solutions, my aim as a leaging Astrologer in Dubai & a Vedic Astrologer is to help you make the optimum use of the immense value that this ancient yet ever flowing scientific system offers to mankind. Our Astrology services online as well as our Astrology services in Dubai, India is meant to reach every one and help them discover the infinite possibilities of life through this Science.


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