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Sneha Harish

We all are born with a flame of Divinity within us. However, very few realize it early in their life and spread it in the society we live in.

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Mrs. Sneha Harish is one such blessed soul. Born on 10th November in a traditional Iyer family, Sneha's life journey has been quite interesting and inspiring.

She is into the renowed and oldest way of healing which is passed from ages from the siddha lineage of Swami Ramalingam the Jothi Healing, with the skill of which she revives the physical problems of individuals. She is also one of the astrologers in Dubai and has clients not only in Dubai but also in India, USA and Malaysia.

Sneha also provides different healing services in a range of therapies like: Mandala therapy, Aroma therapy and angel therapy. Her expertise also includes Tarot and Angel card reading, Vastu and Feng shui consultation, numerology and crystal Healing.

Sneha's spiritual strength helps her to aid others with their problems and providing guidance to their future decision makings.

Sneha completed her education from Mumbai University , worked as a banker in India and UAE for more than 14 yrs , she was a very religious as a child but the most important part in her is she could embrace everyone with unconditional love and she wanted to stream line her energy into sprituality and good work and she started her spiritual journey with her Siddha Guru.

Sneha was opened to the world of crystals from there the interest in crystals started. Slowly this interest grew into similar domains like Astrology, Vastu and Feng Shui and other healing activities. With her guidance she has helped many people with taking decisions in life.

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